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ZAGAIA is a short spear; it also designates something archaic, old fashioned. From this concept, arises our flight to the music of the past.

In September 2012, two Brazilians and two Portuguese people got together to form the ZAGAIA Quartet. From that mixture of accents, the first project, called "Radio Brasil" (1930-1950), came to life. It is a contemporary approach to some of the songs from that period, in which one can feel bossa nova, funk and jazz influences among other rhythms.
Would this be the atmosphere the great radio stars created to compose their songs, if they lived nowadays? No one knows for sure, but ZAGAIA invites you to this journey in their own way. A trip to the past, with an eye on the modern musical scene.

  • Leticia Gabian (voice - Brazil)
  • João David Almeida (voice, guitar and arrangements - Portugal)
  • Augusto Macedo (Bass, melodeon, piano and arrangements - Portugal)
  • Jeff Negreiros (Percussion and drums - Brazil).